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What sets us apart?

Quality and innovation


             We take care to ensure that the end product which we offer meets not only the highest quality standards, but is also as novel as possible. We continually monitor the development of technological innovations, thanks to which our range grows ever more competitive. Never, however, do we suggest to our customers solutions with regard to which we have any doubts. In our work we are able to go beyond formulae and to realize even the most elaborate project. We opt for branded and proven sub-assemblies which we can be confident will not in the future bring our customers unexpected problems.



             Providing our customers with a sense of security is a priority for Brandgood. We guarantee not only expertly executed products and services, but also impart the confidence that we will always be ready for further collaboration. We produce internal documentation for every realization, which allows us to conduct warranty and post-warranty services rapidly and effectively. We take as one of our goals the ability of our partners to enjoy full support at every stage of the collaboration.



             Among the reasons for which we are valued by our customers is the fact that we aim to involve them as little as possible in the realization process. Our expertise and experience allows the recommendation of optimal solutions and materials, while the commitment of our staff means that we are unafraid of major challenges. Working as a well-coordinated and motivated team of experts translates into a saving in time and money, which allows us to offer competitive prices while retaining the highest quality in services.



             The basis on which the external relationships and image of Gama Brandgood are built is unconditional honesty in business activity and respect for labour ethics and social principles. We work in accordance with the articles and regulations in force. We create for staff healthy and safe working conditions, while our machines and technical appliances have the required certificates. We use only legal software and are distinguished by a selection of technology which takes into account a concern for the condition of the natural environment.

Social responsibility


             Although we are not a large corporation, we attempt to operate in accordance with the principles of social responsibility. We participate actively in the life of our local community and to the extent that we are able we assist in campaigns organized by the district, support the local football club and become involved in any expression of concern for children or people affected by misfortune. We are one of the few firms in our business to approach very seriously also the segregation and recycling of waste.