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             In over 20 years operating on the Polish market we have had the opportunity to work with small contractors, medium-sized chains and large international concerns. These experiences have taught us respect and equal treatment for every customer, regardless of current position in the world of business. Taking into consideration the varying needs and capabilities of our partners, we offer both services from the Standard basket and Premium services.



             A service of our Standard type is based on a product assembled from solid components which we have checked and which meet all norms both in technical terms and with regard to prevailing market trends. We do not work on low quality sub-assemblies, counterfeit items or elements which in the longer term cause us or our customers problems. Our product is built according to the best know-how, with the use of technologies recognized in the business and ensuring full satisfaction for parties placing orders. The Standard service includes a full guarantee, and, thanks to an ideal relationship of quality to price, represents an offer which can be selected by anyone interested in collaboration with us.



            A service of our Premium type is intended for customers interested in an atypical product or a product of a quality above the standard. We are able to accommodate a given need in respect of material used, application of special lighting and power solutions, or consideration of, for example, a guarantee several times greater in length. Nor do we have any restrictions when it comes to projects – at customer request we create artistic products of the highest aesthetic qualities. Premium services are exceptional realizations which always give us cause for pride.