Neon Coffers

Simple shape - great results. These are a very popular form of visual advertising that will work great outdoors and indoors.

Design allows the use of any shapes and colors, so your product will really stand out.

Advertising Coffers

We are ready to adapt to any project - we will configure colors, backlight and shapes to create a product that you really want.


Although it is a relatively cheap form of advertising, it is also very popular among large and well-known brands - we have made hundreds of coffers that we proudly present.

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For Corporate Brands and Shopping Malls

Coffers will look great in any space and in a shape of any kind - they are perfect for advertising in shopping malls, where it is important to fit into a standardized frame.

For Offices

Coffers are perfect for company's office.

They look great and will ensure that your customers will for sure spot your brand.

Dla Individual Customers

The lack of huge resources or great marketing facilities should not stand in the way of the development of your business.

Coffers are available in very competitive prices. They provide many possibilities of adapting to your needs - a perfect combination for individual clients.

For Hotels and Restaurants

Coffers are ideal way to emphasize and build great atmosphere in any place and put your customers in a good mood.