Free-standing advertisements

Totems are free-standing advertisements that allow, regardless of the location of the company's headquarters, to direct a potential customer where that company operates.

It is a very popular form of reaching to the customer.


Another name for this type of object are totems.

Nowadays advertising totems are a showcase of the brand, that many times is the first thing that your customer will see.


Over the years, we have been part of building the recognition of many well-known brands.

We have gained experience by creating many signs. We proudly present our projects.

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For Shopping Malls

The location of shopping malls often requires their good visibility from long distances.

Tall totems will make it easier to find the gallery in the thicket of the urban jungle, and will also be a characteristic and easy to remember element of the entire complex.

For Offices

A totem in front of a huge and intimidating office building will not only make it easier to find your company among many others around it, but also significantly improve the comfort of navigating around the building.

For Individual Customers

Small businesses can benefit greatly from differentiating themselves from the competition.

Totems will not only allow you to be noticed, but can also reinforce positive and professional atmosphere around your brand.

For Hotels and Restaurants

Nothing will encourage a tired driver to a stop more than a bright totem towering over cars and trees.

Totems will be a great way of increasing the number of guests visiting your business.