Neon signs

Illuminate the night with your brand.

Widely known and liked neon signs are a great way to create an eye-catching experience that will be remembered by your customers for a long time.

This will build a positive atmosphere around your company for a long time.

Glass tube and noble gas

Neons are lamps that are made of glass tubes filled with noble gas, which glows when electricity is applied.

Such lamp, in the shape of letters or your logo, will be eye-catching and most importantly - it will make your brand recognizable.

Our portfolio

The recurring fashion for neon lights makes them more and more popular.

You can stay ahead of competition - we will create neon signs tailored to your needs, so that you will always shine brighter.

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For Shopping Malls

Nothing encourages more to shopping than warm neon light, that welcomes customers in shopping centers.

Thanks to use of neon lights you will be visible in every conditions.

For Private Customers

We are ready to take on every challenge.

Great versatility of neons will allow them to be used for any type of business. Their presence will be appealing, regardless of the industry.

For Brands

Neon signs are getting more and more populars, what makes them very effective advertising tool today.

Building a brand image with such characteristic lighting is always a great idea.

For Hotels and Restaurants

Regardless of whether you want to recreate the atmosphere of the 70's or provide a modern, industrial look, neon lights will work perfectly.

Their bright and multi-colored light will emphasize the character of the space they are in and help your guests remember your place.